Margot Robbie in a formal suit with a neckline appeared on the red carpet!

Margot Robbie went to the London BAFTA ceremony. For the evening, the actress wore a tweed suit.

The event’s focal point was the star of the film “The Legend of Tarzan.” Margot took part in an evening retrospective of paintings that the British Film Academy organized. The actress opted for a chic yet understated style on this particular occasion.

The Chanel fashion house representative liked the well-known brand. She chose to dress in a black tweed suit that had a long, double-breasted jacket and high-waisted, wide-leg pants.

The actress wore a black bodysuit with a deep neckline and moderate décolleté coverage underneath the jacket. The photograph was embellished with gold hoop earrings by Margot’s stylists, who are known for their meticulous attention to detail. Robbie opted for silver high-heeled sandals as his footwear.

The actress let her long hair down, which she had neatly tied in a black bow at the top. The subtle makeup used by the makeup experts highlighted Robbie’s inherent attractiveness.

The exquisite photograph thrilled the actress’s followers. The pictures received a lot of likes and compliments. Fans said she was a genuine beauty and a fantastic actor!

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