“Margot Robbie kissed Brad Pitt during the filming, although this was not in the script” – The actress spoke about the kiss

Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie, both well-known actors, starred together in a movie about Hollywood legends. Despite this not being in the screenplay, the 32-year-old actress claimed that she did kiss her lover.

The “Boyfriend from the Future” star talked about the movie, which will soon be seen in cinemas. Margot took the chance and kissed Brad Pitt.

It was completely her idea, the actress revealed. She became so accustomed to playing the distracted starlet that she could not pass up the chance to kiss Pitt.

“I wondered, ‘When will I have another chance to kiss Brad Pitt?’ even though it wasn’t in the screenplay. I’m prepared to attack it. It was fantastic! I’ve got a rare opportunity!” said Margot.

Robbie asked Damian Chazelle to help her make her dream a reality. This needs to be written into the screenplay, the artist stated. “You know, Damian, I think Nellie would simply come over and kiss Jack,” I said to him. He was a little surprised by it. But after agreeing with me, he said, “Confess that all you really want to do is kiss Brad Pitt.” I instantly retorted that I would never have another chance like that! Damian readily agreed with me since it closely resembles my persona, Robbie stated.

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