Marilyn Monroe: “I can be smart when I need it, but men don’t like it”

Marilyn spent time studying subjects other than acting. She enjoyed dancing, singing, weightlifting, and yoga.

Raised in an orphanage and adopted parents, Marilyn Monroe built a dizzying career, becoming a symbol of her era and a standard of beauty, to this day remains one of the most recognizable female characters in the world.

The manner in which Marilyn controlled the world, however, played a terrible trick on her: she became his captive. And despite her desire to leave, the actress was unable to obtain help. She pushed for civil rights equality.

In one of the last interviews, Marilyn specifically requested that the writer focuses on issues that are important to her rather than on her sexuality. “What the world really needs is a genuine sense of connection.” We are all brothers, stars, laborers, Negroes, Jews, and Arabs. Please don’t make fun of me. “I’ll conclude the interview with what I believe.”

One day, Marilyn found out that Ella Fitzgerald was not allowed to perform at the Mocambo, the most famous club in Hollywood, because of her race and size. Marilyn Monroe, being a huge fan of Ella, called the owner of the club and explained that she would personally visit the club every evening if he invited Ella to work there. This is guaranteed to provide the club with an audience. Ella Fitzgerald was hired, and Marilyn, as promised, sat at the front table every day.

“I no longer had to go to little jazz clubs after that.” “Marilyn is a really amazing woman, a bit ahead of her time, and she is unaware of it,” Ella observed.

Marilyn was heavily committed to charitable activity. Here is a partial summary of the famed blonde’s charitable contributions:

  • played at charity concerts in Korea for American servicemen;
  • financially sponsored orphanages and other groups dealing with children’s concerns; fought for the abolition of nuclear weapons;
  • gave a $10,000 cheque to an orphanage during a trip to Mexico;
  • donated 25% of her estate to her psychologist, who was meant to subsidize psychiatric clinics.

As a child, Marilyn did not receive a good education. Therefore, in adulthood, she became a passionate book reader. Her library contained more than 400 books, among which were both fiction and non-fiction.

The actress developed in all stage directions. Marilyn spent time learning more than just acting. She was engaged in dancing, vocals, weightlifting, and yoga.
As Marilyn, herself said: “I can be smart when I need it, but men don’t like it”

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