“This is a real miracle”: how a boy lives now, who was diagnosed with autism 6 years ago

Lyanka Gryu is one of the most talented and sought-after actresses in Russian cinema. She often appeared on the screens, her popularity was at its peak when the son of the actress was diagnosed with a terrible diagnosis – autism. Now Lyanka is ready to tell everyone how she managed to survive such a test of fate and how they learned to live with this diagnosis.

The actress gave birth to a son, Maxim, when she was only 22 years old. Both she and her husband were very happy that they became parents. Despite the fatigue, the girl managed to work and take care of the baby.

At first, our heroes did not observe anything unusual in the behavior of the baby, and only by the age of three, did young parents begin to notice that their son did not say anything, unlike his peers.

It was then that the boy was given a severe diagnosis. But in Russia, there were no doctors who would help Maxim, and Lyanka, together with her husband and son, flew to the United States.

For 3 years they lived in another country, but everything turned out to be not in vain, by the age of six, the son of the actress spoke, and the diagnosis of autism was completely removed. The faith of the parents and the efforts of the doctors did their job – a real miracle happened.

Now Maxim is already 9, he is growing up as a very smart and quick-witted boy, by the way, the heir to our heroine also learns two languages ​​at once.

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