Mother wanted to calm her baby down on the plane

It’s beautiful to see complete strangers helping each other!

Jessica Rudin is a mother of 2 children. The eldest is 3 years old, and the youngest is 4 months old. Once she decided to go on a trip with her two adorable children.

The mother didn’t manage to feed the baby before boarding. And the eldest daughter – Caroline – suddenly decided that she didn’t want to go on the trip with them.

“I thought the security would kick us out of the plane!”, said Jessica.

But the woman was lucky with her neighbor in the row who offered his help. His name was Todd.

He hold the baby while Jessica was fastening Caroline’s seat belt. Then he started a cute conversation with the 4-year-old girl, so that her other could feed the younger baby. But this is not all!

Todd started drawing with Caroline and they even watched a movie together. The man started asking millions of questions to the girl.

Todd helped Jessica even after the landing. He helped them get off the plane and carried their luggage. The man was holding Caroline’s hand the whole time.

Later, it turned out they were all flying to the same direction, so Todd went with them. Before the second flight, Todd managed to switch the seats with another passenger, so that he could sit with Jessica and the children. Jessica then said, that she would never expected such care and attention from a complete stranger.

Todd explained why he was willing to help the young mother with two energetic children. His wife was also once in her condition. She was also on a trip with her two children, and some stranger came to her aid with them.

After the journey, Jessica managed to get in touch with Todd. They decided to have a gathering with their families and spend some time together. Caroline was eager to meet her new friend again!

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