Mark Harmon’s Surprising Last Request Before Final ‘NCIS’ Episode Leaves Fans Stunned

Mark Harmon, who played Leroy Jethro Gibbs on NCIS for 423 episodes, left the show recently. His final episode aired in mid-October, leaving fans sad. Harmon, born in 1951, came from a family with a football and acting background. Despite initial interest in football, he chose acting after hanging out with his family, including pop star Ricky Nelson.

Harmon’s acting career took off with roles in shows like St. Elsewhere. After 15-20 years in the business, he realized he was missing important family moments. This led him to take a step back and prioritize family time. Then, he got the script for NCIS and was impressed by the character Gibbs.

NCIS became a global success, but Harmon found it hard to believe. He became a popular figure on and off-screen, with colleagues praising him. After 423 episodes, Harmon left NCIS, and speculation about his departure had been ongoing. The door remains open for his return in the future.

Harmon wanted his exit to be low-key, without hype. He requested the network not to advertise it, wanting fans to be surprised. Now, he plans to spend more time with his family. Reports suggest he has other projects in development with his production company.

Harmon also mentioned his interest in carpentry, sharing that he might have pursued it if not for acting. He enjoyed the hands-on aspect of the work and finds satisfaction in creating things that last.

In conclusion, Mark Harmon’s departure from NCIS was a surprise, but fans hope for his return. Meanwhile, he looks forward to enjoying time off and exploring other interests, possibly including carpentry.

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