“Marry an African”: how did the life of a woman from Ufa turn out to be now

Stories about ordinary Russian girls who married foreigners are gaining immense popularity on the Web. Relations with such men seem very promising for them. However, it is always worth considering the mentality that these couples often do not get along with.

Today we would like to tell the story of a magnificent girl from Ufa. Irina never had problems with the opposite sex. She went through a certain bad experience, after which she decided to meet someone on the Internet. There she found an African, whom she immediately liked. The man only reciprocated.

Very soon the couple met in Ufa. And again, Ira took everything into her own hands, inviting her chosen one to meet. Kobe could not resist our magnificent beauty, so he invited her to go to his homeland.

By the way, from that moment Irina never returned to Russia. Very soon they registered a relationship. Kobe recently turned 25 and his Russian wife 33, but this does not interfere with their happiness.

The couple lives on the island of Zanzibar. The couple is in no hurry with the children, as Kobe believes that they themselves need to get on their feet first. It’s funny that now only Irina earns money for the family by working on the Internet. Also, a woman often shares details from her personal life on Instagram, telling subscribers about life in Zanzibar.

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