Maya is a cat with an extra chromosome that they wanted to euthanize because she is not like everyone else (video)

People with an extra chromosome suffer from Down syndrome, but as it turned out, such genetic failures also occur in the animal kingdom.

Meet Maya, a cat with an extra chromosome.

She was found behind a Chinese restaurant and taken to a euthanasia facility where she was placed on death row because she looked and acted differently from other cats.

Nobody thought that someone would want to take her away.

Luckily, Maya was discovered by the Weird Cat House charity.

Whose employees posted a photo of a cat on Facebook, and that’s where Maya was found by her new family.

The owner of this unusual kitty was a girl named Lauren.

She loves Maya very much and even started a separate Instagram profile for her.

Maya usually looks sad, but that’s just her appearance, she really isn’t.

She has vision problems.

A flattened nose makes a cat constantly sneeze.

But in all other respects, she is the same as all other cats.

She is very curious


And, as any cat should be, a born hunter.

Maya is very happy in her new home and her example should be an incentive for all other people who are afraid to take a cat with an extra chromosome.


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