“Mean Girl” Has Settled Down And Is Expecting Her First Child: Who Is Lindsay Lohan’s Husband?

She will be an incredible mom.

The American actress discussed significant alterations to her family life. In actuality, Lindsay Lohan and her partner are expecting their first child.

Since July 2022, the celebrity has been married to Bader Shammas. In Dubai, the pair resides. The actress occasionally travels to the US on business. Lindsey revealed her first child’s impending birth the other day.

Lindsey piqued followers’ interest by sharing a photo of a baby romper with a “Coming Soon” print on social media. The 36-year-old artist added emojis in the shape of a baby bottle, a baby’s face, and a heart to the magazine.

Later, Lohan told the media she was pregnant.


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“We are eagerly anticipating the start of a new chapter in our life and the birth of a new family member! According to Lindsey, who is quoted by the Daily Mail, “We are really blessed to have this grace in our lives and we cannot wait for the day we become parents.

When the actress visited A Fashion Show in New York last month, pregnancy speculations about Lohan started to circulate. The actress disguised the alterations to her shape by wearing a loose-fitting garment when she appeared in public.

Awaiting the birth of his first grandson is Lindsey’s father. Michael Lohan made it known that his famous daughter has always harbored maternal aspirations.

She’ll make a fantastic mother. The impending arrival of a new grandchild is thrilling. Her life has a fresh chapter starting now. According to the 62-year-old industrialist, “I am really thrilled for Lindsey and Bidder.

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