Meet the stars who do not buy yachts and houses, but save thousands of children

Not all celebrities spend royalties on a luxurious life – yachts, planes, diamonds. There are those who prefer to help others and do charity work.

Here are 8 stars who realized that you need to live not only for your own good:

1. Gosha Kutsenko.

The Gosha Kutsenko Foundation “Step Together” helps children with cerebral palsy. The actor founded it in 2011. Since then, twice a year, he organizes charity concerts to which he invites his friends.

2. Natalia Vodianova.

The famous model founded the Naked Heart Foundation for helping children. His charitable work is known not only in Eastern countries but also in Europe. The Foundation is engaged in the construction of playgrounds and offers legal, psychological, therapeutic, and social assistance to families with children with disabilities.

Vodianova often organizes charity events and sports competitions, in which stars also participate.

3. Konstantin Khabensky.

The Konstantin Khabensky Foundation helps children with cancer. In 2013, his foundation saved 130 children. The actor says that there is nothing more valuable than human life. When he sees the happy eyes of mothers, something very important is born inside him, which gives him strength and joy.

4. Chulpan Khamatova.

The actress founded the Gift of Life Foundation in 2006, which supports children with hematological and oncological diseases. Khamatova helps specialized clinics to acquire the necessary medical equipment and medicines.

She also finds donors and volunteers who provide psychological and social assistance to sick children and tries to draw public attention to cancer patients.

5. Keanu Reeves.

Keanu leads a very simple lifestyle and supports the homeless. He sincerely does not understand why people need private jets and villas. Even when he became rich and famous, he didn’t buy a house. He stayed in a rented house. He does not have his own car: Keanu travels by public transport.

Reeves founded the Cancer Foundation. He decided this after his own sister got leukemia. He also supports various environmental projects and fights for animal rights.

6. Leonardo DiCaprio.

Having earned a lot of money, DiCaprio realized that they do not make a person happy. In 1998, he founded a charitable foundation that has donated $15 million to 30 different organizations.

7. Kate Middleton.

Journalists have repeatedly accused the Duchess of Cambridge of not behaving like a member of the royal family. But Katherine pays no attention to these attacks. She prefers Zara, H&M, and Hobbs brands over haute couture. With her husband, she participates in various initiatives and donates quite large sums to charity.

8. Angelina Jolie.

In 2001, while filming Lara Croft in Cambodia, the actress showed an interest in charity work. Jolie saw that there are people who need help. Therefore, she created several charitable foundations that help children in Africa. In 2013, the actress was awarded the Humanitarian Oscar for her services.

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