“Melanie Griffith’s Drastic Transformation Sparks Controversy”: Fans React to Unrecognizable Appearance

Several cosmetic surgeries can turn a beautiful woman into this! 😱😬 Cameras captured Griffith after countless cosmetic procedures and with the photos you can see in this article, she broke the internet! 👇👇👇

Fans had difficulty recognizing their favorite celebrity in the recent paparazzi snapshots. Here we see 66-year-old M. Griffith, who has left all her fans and admirers speechless with her radically altered appearance.

Some even found it appropriate to mention that Banderas would be horrified if he saw his ex-wife now. After these scandalous photos, internet users left numerous comments evaluating and criticizing her new appearance, which left much to be desired.

Some internet users referred to her as a “mummy,” “attention-seeking,” and “more like an alien than a human,” claiming she had lost her charm and chosen the wrong path, thus disappointing her fans.

“What has become of the eternal beauty icon?”, “I can hardly recognize Griffith here”, “Why spoil such beauty?”, “That’s why cosmetic surgeries should be banned!”.

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