“Mesmerizing voice and iconic blue jacket”: Louis Armstrong’s 1967 performance of “What a Wonderful World”

Armstrong’s raspy voice made the song truly unique and special

Louis Armstrong’s music is more than just entertaining – it has the power to touch your emotions and provide a deeper perspective on life. His 1967 performance of “What A Wonderful World” is legendary and unforgettable, showcasing Armstrong’s mesmerizing voice and iconic blue jacket. While the song was originally offered to Tony Bennett, it was Armstrong’s raspy voice that made it truly unique and special.

Despite poor marketing in the United States, “What A Wonderful World” became a massive success in Great Britain and eventually spread across the globe, touching the hearts of millions. Today, the song is featured in numerous films and television programs, and countless covers have been recorded. However, none can compare to the original performance, which has reemerged as a viral hit on YouTube with over 36 million views and almost 500,000 likes.

What makes the performance so special is the joy and happiness Armstrong exudes as he sings. He grew up in poverty and faced many challenges in his life, but through his music, he teaches us that life can still be wonderful even in difficult circumstances.

Armstrong’s music is not just entertainment, but a powerful message that can inspire and uplift people of all ages and backgrounds.

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