Michael was in a hurry on business when a beggar grandmother approached him, he was stunned when he saw the earrings in her ears

Fate does amazing things sometimes. Our history today is one of those.

Old earrings

Michael was already seriously late for the meeting. Even though he owns millions, he is still a punctual person who respects his colleagues and tries for the common good. But his cool car died right in the middle of a snowstorm, and the phone, as luck would have it, was completely discharged. The man jumped out of the car and looked around in search of a cafe. Perhaps there he could charge his phone and call himself a taxi. Such incidents happen even to the richest people in the city. Without a phone, Misha is like without hands, and nothing can be done here.

There was not a single open cafe nearby, for some reason the street was almost deserted in this regard. Nearby was only a grocery store, of those that were before. No self-service, and, of course, only cash. Michael sighed and walked dejectedly along the road, trying to keep warm in an expensive but thin coat. It made no sense for him to dress warmly because he almost always traveled in his car.

The grandmother walked toward the young man. Michael did not even immediately notice her in a snow storm. Grandma tried to make out something on the screen of her little phone, which seemed to be from the last century. Michael looked doubtfully in the direction of the poor old woman and nevertheless decided:

Grandma, can I call a taxi from your phone? The car got stuck in the snow and stalled, and my mobile was completely dead.

Michael did not expect a positive answer. Usually, such grandmothers are very suspicious. However, this time he was lucky. Grandmother smiled and handed the guy a phone. Michael joyfully took the small tube and dialed the number of his driver, whose services he rarely used. The grandmother waited until the end of the conversation and asked the man for some money for food. Having handed over the mobile, Michael held out a couple of large bills along with it.

Why old earrings filled the thoughts of a millionaire

While the old woman was hiding the phone in her purse, the wind increased even more, and tore the handkerchief from her gray hair. Michael caught the handkerchief and was about to give it to the frightened old woman when he noticed beautiful earrings on her ears. They were unusual: round green pebbles framed by angel wings. A unique piece of jewelry… that he had definitely seen somewhere before. And he has seen it many times!

A car honked nearby. Vasily, a personal driver, jumped out of it and practically pushed the boss into a warm cabin. At the same time, he sentenced something on the topic that it was impossible to stand like this in the cold. Michael, in shock, named the destination to Vasya and went deep into his thoughts. Vasily quickly drove to the office and dropped off the boss. And that was immediately fascinated by all sorts of important things, which had accumulated a lot, while Michael was waiting for the car.

In the evening, the tired businessman returned home and went to bed. The day was eventful, and the brain required relaxation. Usually, Michael slept very soundly, but this night he woke up. He dreamed of his great-grandmother, whom he saw only a couple of times in his life. She had those earrings in her ears. She told her great-grandson that these earrings were kept in their family for several centuries and were lost even before the war.

Prophetic dreams about old earrings Michael woke up in a sweat, not understanding where he was or what was happening. The strange dream was safely forgotten for a couple of days. However, a week later the dream came back. Michael became restless and anxious. He did not understand why he was dreaming of this story, in which there was definitely not a word of truth.

However, thoughts about earrings became so intrusive that the man decided to find out at least something. He looked up the family archives, but there was no mention of any earrings anywhere. Of the most ancient documents, there was only a birth certificate of a great-grandmother, whose name was Angelina, and an old photo. It was difficult to see anything on it, and yet Michael saw them! Those same earrings were in the ears of a young girl with long hair. The beauty obviously especially tucked the side strands behind her ears so that the photographer could capture her unusual jewelry.

Life is wisdom: what does this story teach us?

The next day, Michael went to the same street where he met the old woman. He spent the whole day in his car, trying to look for a woman. In the evening, luck smiled at him. Running up to his grandmother, the young man greeted him, happily noting that she recognized him. Michael told her about the dreams and his guesses. Then the old woman smiled and removed her earrings from her ears. She said that her mother’s best friend came to her at night and asked her to give her earrings to a young man who would ask about them.

These are the stories that sometimes happen to ordinary real people. Of course, Michael thanked the old woman well: he bought his grandmother an apartment in the city center and provided money for a long time. And with the advent of earrings, miraculous changes began to occur in his life: he finally found great love. He gave her those earrings. The twins, who were born to the couple, were named Angelina and Ella. In honor of best friends who were friends many years ago.

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