Mom abandoned me because I’m ugly

A little girl looked sadly in the mirror when her mother combed her hair before going to bed.

Mom, are there ugly children?

Mom thought.

It seems to me that it doesn’t. Babies seem to be created for love and admiration – they have big trusting eyes, tiny snub-nosed noses, and cute lips with a bow. Why are you asking?

The girl drew her knees up to her chest and sighed.

If I were beautiful, the woman who gave birth to me from her tummy would not have left me alone …Mom sat down next to the baby and hugged her.

When you were born, you were the most beautiful in the world! You are still like this – look, you have such wonderful thick hair, such big green eyes. Every mother dreams of a daughter like you!

Why didn’t she take me with her then?

Mom hugged the baby and began to gently sort out her long wavy hair.

Children do not always immediately get to their mothers. Sometimes they are born to women who do not know how to be a mother at all, can you imagine? And then the woman looks at the baby and thinks: what an amazingly beautiful baby I was born. Wish we could find her mom soon!! And then she takes the baby to a special house, where the children are looking for mothers.

What about mothers? Why don’t mothers give birth to their own babies? – the sadness in the girl’s voice has already been replaced by childish curiosity.

There are mothers who have babies in their tummies that just won’t start! So it was with me. I thought my baby was lost and went looking for you. That’s how you were born – and dad and I were looking for you.

Does that mean I’m lost?

No, my baby, you’ve been found! – and my mother laughed loudly, happily.

And how did you and dad know that I was your daughter?

Mom smiled softly.

As soon as we saw you, we immediately understood – you are the very girl from our dreams, the most beautiful in the world! And we told you how good it is that we found you. And you smiled at us. And then we became not just mom and dad, but your parents. And you have become not just a beautiful baby, but our beloved daughter, can you imagine?

I can imagine…” the girl climbed under the warm blanket and closed her eyes dreamily.

Mom kissed the baby on the forehead, turned off the light, and wished her daughter good night.


Yes, my dear?

It would be great if all the kids found their moms and dads as soon as possible. And parents – their children! Yes?

Yes, my good one. It’s even harder to come up with a better one!

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