Mom convinced the children that they needed to lie on the floor to “charge their pajamas.” And it worked!

Whatever parents do to calm their kids. Sometimes they have to lie and make kids believe in all sorts of fairy tales.

One brilliant mom from Poughkeepsie, New York, shared on Facebook how she managed to put her daughters to bed.

She told them that they needed to lie still to “charge” their glow-in-the-dark pajamas.

Do you want your kids to calm down before bed?

Then follow the example of Jessica. She bought Hannelore, 3, and Emma, ​​4, pajamas that glow in the dark.

Tell them that they should lie under the chandelier to “charge” them.

If you do this, the kids will become calm. And this is especially important because it will help them fall asleep.

Of course, then (in the morning) you will need to put your pajamas in a drawer. This is to make them dim and stop glowing.

Jessica posted a funny photo of her kids patiently waiting for their pajamas to recharge. Her Facebook post went viral. He collected more than 200 thousand likes and over 120 thousand reposts.

The woman does not regret that she decided to lie. After all, this lie is good. Her daughters have a sensory processing disorder.

What it is?

With this disorder, it is difficult for the human brain to receive and respond to information coming through the senses. Some patients are overly sensitive to things around them.

So Jessica’s daughters are very receptive. But her little trick helped adjust their sleep patterns.

Girls calm down before going to bed when they lie still for a long time. Essential oils also help.

Netizens liked Jessica’s idea. Moreover, they shared their tricks:

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