Mom is going to get married at 73, how to explain that this is not normal?

I never thought that I would ask for advice, especially on such an occasion, but life develops in such a way that I can’t cope on my own.

My mother was about to get married at the age of 73, and I just can’t talk her out of this venture. Yes, she is still quite an interesting and youthful woman, but this does not mean that you need to go to the registry office and expose yourself to ridicule.

I am not at all against her communication with men, I’m even glad that at her age she lives a full life, and looks good and feels good too.

But when my mother seriously announced to me about the wedding, I was simply speechless. I don’t remember my father, he left us when I was very young.

Mom got married twice more, her last husband died five years ago. After his death, I wanted to take my mother to me (I live in another city), but she categorically refused my help.

She convinced me that it would be hard for her to break away from her familiar place and part with her girlfriends, with whom she spends interesting time, goes to dances, then to some other hobby classes.

Mom got married at 73. There she met her current fiancé, whom she was going to marry.

He is seven years younger than her, such a lively man, a real woman’s man. Everything would be fine, but he does not have his own housing, and this seriously worries me.

Before meeting my mother, he lived with his daughter, who, judging by his stories, tried in every possible way to shake him off somewhere.

Understand, I am not at all against their relationship and sincerely rejoice at my mother’s happiness, but why go to the registry office? This already looks like senile insanity or selfish calculation on the part of the groom, which I also do not exclude.

Mom does not want to hear anything, she is head over heels in love with him and is preparing for the wedding. How to dissuade her, I have already run out of all the arguments !!!

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