“Mom Of 3 In a Provocative Outfit”: Ciara Posted Photos In a Defiant Latex Costume!

One of the world’s most popular and gifted singers gave birth to her third child last summer.

The star’s physique was unaffected by pregnancy. She unflappably carried on posing in tiny bikinis while displaying a midriff free of stretch marks.

The 37-year-old celebrity rapidly slimmed down. Also, she recently uploaded pictures of herself wearing a Beyoncé-endorsed brand of ultra-tight latex clothing.

The fans of Ciara were split into two groups. Several others were thrilled with the star’s flawless form. Some criticized her for wearing a bold and excessively risky outfit. The mother of three children shouldn’t dress like that, say hardline adherents.

Though Ciara is not going to change her image because of haters.

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