“Much More Handsome Than Enrique Iglesias”: Who Inherited The Beauty Genes Of Julio Iglesias?

Many say he’s a spitting image of his dad.

Music icon Julio Iglesias is adored for his distinctive voice and moving compositions. His fervent nature and stunning appearance earned him the nickname “Spanish macho” from fans.

He has been in many relationships and is the father of nine kids. Enrique Iglesias is one of his children, speaking of whom.

Following in his parents’ footsteps, he achieved success as a musician and even rose to greater fame than his father. Though opinions differ, many people regard Enrique to be quite beautiful. His son is likewise said to be lovely.

Fans of Julio Iglesias frequently comment on the fact that his younger son, Julio Iglesias Jr., has inherited much of his father’s beautiful features. He began his career as a model and dabbled in journalism, but music ended up being his main passion. H

e was instantly surrounded by admirers who praised his ability and good appearance. Many people claim he is his father’s exact clone.

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