My mom got married at 45 and had a baby

My parents were married for 25 years and then separated. I stayed with my mother and we moved to another city. They lived in a rented apartment. At a new job, my mother started a relationship with a colleague.

Six months later, my mother told me that she was pregnant. At that time, she was 45 years old, and her new husband was 55, so they decided to have a baby. I am quite a modern person and I understand when people give birth after 40 years. But I’m worried about my mother, as she has some pretty serious health problems.

I did not hide my thoughts from my mother, I told her directly: “You should, first of all, think about yourself, because your body may not be able to withstand such a load. And God forbid, something happens to you, then I have to take all the care of the baby? My words offended my mother very much, and she kicked me out of the house.

Now I live with my father, but I want to live with my mother again because I really miss her.

There was no reason for me to stay in this city. In addition, renting an apartment alone is expensive, so I decided to return to my dad. However, I miss my mother very much, I often called her. But from her tone, it was audible that she had no desire to communicate with me.

After my mother got married, she changed a lot. I am trying to improve relations between us, and she, on the contrary, is trying to move away from me. Mom seriously thought that I want her to die since I say that her body can not stand it. But I said it because I’m very worried about her.

I do not consider myself guilty, because I think that I should have said how worried I am. However, 3 years have passed since then, and we still do not communicate. I don’t even know who my brother or sister is now.

How can I improve my relationship with my mother?

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