“My number one”: Vincent Cassel showed a childhood photo of his daughter from Monica Bellucci

For most of his life, Vincent adhered to a policy of free relations. However, over time, the man settled down and married model T. Kunaki.

Now the couple is raising a charming daughter together – Amozoni. On his page on the network, the actor often shares details of his personal life with subscribers.

In addition to the youngest daughter, our hero has two more heirs from one of the most beautiful actresses in the world. Monica Bellucci gave the ex-wife the eldest daughter Virgo, and the youngest beauty Leoni.

After a divorce from an actress, the man maintained a warm relationship with his children. He spends a lot of time with girls, and constantly confesses his love to them.

Kassel recently posted a childhood photo of his eldest daughter. And under the photo, he wrote briefly: “My number one”!

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