My wife gave birth to a dark-skinned child and claims that it is mine. I did a DNA test yesterday, waiting for the result

We got married three years ago. We did not think about children, but when Lena said that she was pregnant, I accepted this news with delight. And she was absolutely happy that we would have a baby.

We chose a name for a long time and decided that if a boy is born, we will call him Konstantin and if a girl, it will be Varenka. A few months later, an ultrasound showed that we were expecting a boy.

The long-awaited time has come, the wife went to the hospital. I began to buy everything necessary for the child: a stroller, a crib, a changing table, and a set for discharge. Our parents bought sets of clothes for the baby.

A couple of days later, Lena called and said that everything had begun, she was going to the birthing room, and after a while, she reported on a joyful event. Konstantin was born weighing 3500, 51 cm tall. A healthy, strong, dark-skinned baby …

I learned about the last nuance when I arrived at the hospital. Lena showed the child and said that I should not be embarrassed by the color of his skin. The child’s mine.

This happens if there were black ancestors in the family. My wife assured me that her great-grandmother “sinned” with an African and her grandfather was born black. Now, this gene has been passed down through the generation.

I don’t believe my wife, but I can’t imagine where she could find a black lover. We live in a small town, far from being attractive to tourists. Maybe the truth is all because of Lena’s ancestors?

I checked with my mother-in-law. Evgenia Olegovna absolutely officially stated: that her father was black because her grandmother met with an African. I did a DNA test yesterday, waiting for the result…

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