“Naughty girl, just don’t fall!”: Kim Kardashian showed a new photo on the beach

In honor of her anniversary, the famous instadiva threw a luxurious party, to which she invited all her friends and relatives. The celebration took place on a private island, and Kardashian fans categorically did not like such a high-profile event in the midst of a pandemic.  

However, Kim herself does not pay attention to the angry comments of subscribers and continues to publish photos taken on a paradise island. In all frames, the wife of Kanye West flaunts in a black swimsuit that perfectly emphasizes her curvaceous form.

In one of the photos, Kim decided to fool around a bit. She climbed up a tree and hung upside down.

Fans of Kardashian liked the photos of the model, they hurried to leave a lot of pleasant comments about the beauty. Here are some of them: “ I can’t believe you’re 40! Max 20!”, “A real queen!”, “What a cutie!”, “What a great tan!”, “Kim, how do you manage to look so gorgeous!? ” etc.

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