“Neckline To The Navel And No Underwear”: Blake Lively Appeared On The Red Carpet Two Months After The Fourth Birth!

The actress attracted absolutely all the eyes

This elegant blonde seldom makes an appearance in public. One of the closest couples in Hollywood is her and Ryan Reindols.

The famous couple avoids parties, work, and public appearances in favor of spending time with their shared children and each other. They already have four children, by the way. The end of February saw the birth of the fourth child.

Therefore, nobody anticipated seeing Lively on the red carpet two months later. However, the celebrity made the choice to still find time to go out and became an unheard-of sensation.

Then, Lively unexpectedly showed up at the Tiffany & Co. flagship store’s grand opening in New York City. The actress drew everyone’s attention. Blake selected an opulent chocolate-colored leather outfit for the occasion.

And it became obvious that the star blonde was not wearing underwear when she leaned slightly to the side.

Blake acknowledged that having children obviously affected her metabolism even after the third pregnancy, therefore she upped the amount of gym sessions from 1-2 to 5-6 weekly.

But motivation is the most crucial factor. Blake frankly and honestly admitted that she was attempting to maintain her body for her personal health as well as to appear nice on social media. The outcome is clear.

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