Netizens did not appreciate the fresh pictures of 56-year-old Monica Bellucci

Talented actress and beauty icon Monica Bellucci is slowly approaching the 60-year mark. It’s hard to believe that she is already well over 40. Monica has been captivating her fans with her incredible beauty for so many years.

But not everyone agrees with this opinion. For example, a few days ago, photojournalists managed to capture Bellucci at the moment when she left her own house.

In the new photos, the actress appeared in front of her fans in a rather simple outfit: black trousers, a coat, and a medical mask. It may seem that Bellucci wanted no one to notice her.

Fans of the actress immediately began to discuss new photos of the 56-year-old celebrity. Most users agreed that Monica does not suit such a hairstyle.

As for Bellucci’s devoted fans, they still support her. Many say that their favorite is still the same luxurious woman.

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