“New Kim Kardashian!” exclaimed Irina Shayk as she walked the streets of New York in ripped jeans

Sheik, the famous Russian model, was in the news a few days ago. Recall that the star lives in New York, where she is regularly followed by local paparazzi.

So, a few days ago they captured Irina on the street when she went to pick up her 4-year-old daughter from kindergarten. Recall that the baby was born when the model was married to actor B. Cooper.



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This time, the supermodel appeared on the street in a very unusual outfit, which consisted of a black corset and jeans, which Irina slightly lowered. She also wore oversized black boots, and on her shoulder was a handbag from the fashion brand Burberry.

Recall that recently a huge amount of information has appeared on the Web that the ex-husband K. Kardashian began dating Irina. The media immediately suggested that it was Kanye West who influenced the fact that the model began to dress like this.

This topic was vigorously discussed by the followers of the star. Many of them don’t understand why Shayk would copy someone else’s style, but this image of her closely resembles Kim’s wardrobe. 

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