“New outlook on life”: Artist Kesha opens up about her health issues, legal battles and more

She talked about her struggles in the past few years

One of the significant challenges Kesha has faced is her ongoing legal battle with her former collaborator, Lukasz “Dr. Luke” Gottwald. Since 2014, she has sued him for sexual, emotional, and physical abuse, while he filed a countersuit. Unfortunately, in 2016, the judge dismissed Kesha’s claims, granting Dr. Luke a share of her profits from her new album, Gag Order, which marks her final contractual obligation with Dr. Luke’s Kemosabe label. Despite the legal setbacks, Kesha felt compelled to shed light on the darker aspects of her mind through her music, which reflects her struggles during the past few years. She acknowledges the self-imposed “gag order” that has affected her due to ongoing litigation.

Aside from her legal battles, Kesha has also faced health issues. In 2022, she bravely shared her experience with bulimia, a disordered eating pattern. Additionally, she was diagnosed with common variable immunodeficiency (CVID), an immune disorder characterized by low levels of necessary infection-fighting proteins. This condition can lead to respiratory and digestive infections, among other complications. Kesha admits that her intense schedule and fear of missing opportunities made it difficult for her to say no to interviews and photo shoots, resulting in physical and mental exhaustion. In January, after a performance in the Bahamas left her unable to walk, she found herself in the hospital, facing a life-threatening situation. She attributes part of her illness to a reaction caused by her CVID and a previous decision to freeze her eggs. After a challenging recovery that lasted several months, she finally feels restored but describes the experience as horrifying.

Now, as Kesha returns to the spotlight to promote her album Gag Order, she is taking a more balanced approach to her life. She has established a support system, including regular therapy sessions, to prioritize her well-being. After years of denying herself the enjoyment of food, she has turned a corner and developed a newfound love for it. She enjoys cooking and visiting farmers’ markets. Contrary to public perception, Kesha takes a calm and centered approach before her performances, focusing on her routine rather than indulging in excesses.

Overall, Kesha’s journey highlights the importance of self-compassion, resilience, and finding a healthier balance in life. She continues to grow, learn, and prioritize her well-being amidst ongoing challenges.

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