Newborn greeted her father with a bright smile

The father’s voice has always sounded pleasant to the baby girl

Every parent’s first encounter with their baby is a special one. After all they wait for their little angels for 9 months and the moment of their birth becomes the bet moment in their life.

This couple from Brazil has recently had their first baby. The father came to the ward to his his baby girl for the first time. Obviously, he was extremely excited, but could never expect such a reaction for his daughter.

Little Antonella welcomed both of her parents with a big and sweet smile. Luckily, the medical staff has captured the magical moment on camera.

This beautiful smile, however, has a sweet story. Flavio Dantas, the girl’s father, used to talk to the baby girl every day before she was born. Antonella heard her father’s voice for 9 months. And even after her birth, the father’s voice is still pleasant for the baby.

Tarsila, the mother, said that even in the womb the girl used to react to her father’s voice. Their strong bond was formed long before her birth and after it, the bond grew even stronger.

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