Newborn twins did not stop her husband from leaving the family

As soon as life turns around! Events turn out to be so unpredictable that even a science fiction writer would not have wrapped the plot more abruptly. There are periods when black stripes merge into a continuous hopeless one, and you don’t know how to get out of it.

So it was with me.

At first, my husband and I lived well, it seemed that we appreciated each other.

It seemed like we could always come to an agreement.

But suddenly everything was not what it seems at first glance.

Vitaly was a wonderful groom, a gentle young husband, and we lived on the envy of a lonely gossip neighbor. She was furious because there was nothing to complain about.

Together they wanted a child, no one put pressure on each other. There were no conflicts in the family, we did not even raise our voices.

But already at the first screening, it turned out: hearts beat twice, which means twice as much joy. I was afraid to give birth to twins, but I did not panic. Since I have such a feature, it means that everything is provided for this in the body, as the doctor explained to me. The selection has been going on for thousands of years, grandmothers coped – and I have nowhere to go.

But Vitaly noticeably got bored. He was worried that double expenses would fall on him, and that worries would increase. He said I can’t do it alone. Then for some reason, it touched me.

But I saw: our marriage is no longer what it was. After all, when we got married, my husband took me to his house, as expected. I did not buy an apartment and did not make repairs. But now I realized: after all, this means that I will have to go nowhere. What can I apply for with my children? And the husband began to leave home, and disappear for the whole weekend.

His excuses were ironclad, but I understood: someone was comforting my Vitaly. Yeah, he wasn’t really hiding either. I just tried to hold on, not to think, and not look for evidence.

I was expecting children and they needed me right now – mentally healthy and not shaken. But the nervous situation affected me, and they still put me on the preservation. True, at a later date and already until the very birth.

I was visited only by a neighbor at home, the same gossipy neighbor. It was easy for her to bring me what I needed. She brought the news that I did not need: about my close friend. About a childhood friend who now lies in my place and does not disdain even my dressing gowns

She could even declare that she came to help – and I would believe her and give the key myself. But she did not call – and everything became clear.

The two people closest to me found each other. Maybe be happy for them?

I thought that Anna would always support me, I even thought that after the maternity hospital I could change corners with her, and complained to her that her husband was walking … Whom, God, to whom did I complain?

I didn’t believe, didn’t want to believe. But my husband never came to see me, and I realized: it is. I have no friend.

No husband.

There is no housing.

And this is the main thing: where do I go with the twins?

Do I need to explain that I did not wait for my husband to my discharge?

He did not answer calls, and I simply did not know where to go from the hospital. I didn’t even have money for a taxi.

I hesitated and called my mother. She asked to meet me with the little ones, but my mother reminded me:

I am already an adult. This means that the problems must be solved by themselves. Deal with your husband. Find out where to put the kids.

Here I could not stand it and burst into tears. Yes, I know: according to the law, my mother owes a lot, at least with housing, I would have won the court. But not to sue her? And now where?

Where? To court?

But a neighbor came to my discharge. The same gossipy neighbor took me – and brought me to her home. Behind the wall to the ex.

But at least not the station.

A separate room was found for us – but my husband did not make contact. He didn’t even give away the children’s things, he kept them for himself.

I worked from morning to evening: essays, texts, and term papers at night. In the afternoon, a friend from the maternity hospital left her baby, also rushing to work.

What about me?

Where there are two, there are three.

For the first two years, we survived with difficulty, and then, when the children were taken to a nursery, everything immediately became good. A harmful neighbor replaced my mother, with whom I never called up again.

Vitaly and his girlfriend pretend not to know me – and I’m happy. If only he didn’t touch the children, didn’t show his nature. We have everything: housing, and a grandmother for children, we love her and help in everything. We are no longer alone, and their personal life will improve. Life is unpredictable, I know for sure!

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