No bronze makeup and ponytail, J. Lo showed her photo without photoshop and makeup!

Everyone is accustomed to seeing the gorgeous J. Lo with bold makeup and a ponytail at all times. The artist is usually graceful and lovely.
Few probably would have imagined Jennifer showing a photo of herself without the use of cosmetics or manipulation a few months ago.

The routine that developed due to the epidemic is probably becoming old to the artist.
This weekend, the picture was released. It indicates that the vocalist just got out of bed. She has uncombed hair and is still wearing a robe. The artist wrote “Good Morning” at the bottom of the image.

2.5 million fans liked the photo, and there were many comments. Even some admirers began posting morning selfies in place of praises.
Everyone remarked on how youthful and attractive Jennifer looked for her age. It’s important to remember that the singer was able to honor her 51st birthday.

The singer responded as follows when asked how she maintains her appearance: “First, you should constantly get enough sleep so that your body has time to relax. It is the most crucial. A woman’s skin starts to age if she doesn’t get enough sleep on a regular basis. So I strive to get at least 8 hours of sleep.

Second, harmony must be achieved within. If a lady is a content and everything is in order within, this will undoubtedly show on her face. A joyful lady exudes attractiveness.

Thus, getting enough sleep and maintaining inner peace are the keys to J. Lo’s natural beauty!

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