Nobody taught us to live after 50. It’s time to get down to business

Due to cultural and social characteristics, a person “a little behind …” becomes invisible to society. But you still want to live, create, and dream!

“Not allowed! Make way for the young!” – public opinion dictates its will to people who have recently turned 50. And as it should be! Do you agree with us?

Life after 50 is just beginning!

According to statistics, the average life expectancy around the world is steadily increasing. For example, in 2016 it was 67 years for men and 71.1 years for women. And these are just averages. There are many countries where people live much longer!

So, an elderly person is only offered to lie in a dark room and wait for the inevitable? Of course not! And you need to learn to live in a new way after 50!

How to enjoy life at age 50+

Here are some practical tips for those who have crossed the 50-year milestone. It’s time to enjoy life!

1. Maintain healthy curiosity.

Continue to explore the world around you through activities you might enjoy: try different foods, go on field trips, or attend workshops.

2. Do what you love!

Happy old age is a privilege for mentally and physically active people. Doing what you love will help you stay healthy and happy.

3. Make enough time for the people you love.

It will add color to your life and provide amazing new experiences.

4. Meet new people!

Hanging out with strangers will help you stay social. You may also meet people who will take care of you and your well-being.

5. Travel!

There are a huge number of opportunities for pleasant trips: from foreign countries to the nearest city. Traveling makes a person move and engages the brain, which helps to keep the spirit youthful.

6. Move your body!

Even a simple walk in the fresh air will benefit you. Move not to be thin, but to be strong and resilient.

7. Be socially active!

Active participation in society will help you not feel lonely. In addition, you can help other older people accept their age.

Today they say that fifty is the new forty. We fully agree with this expression, and you?

Tell us in the comments how you see your life at the age of “a little over …”!

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