“Not all secrets go to the grave”: How the revealed secrets of the Kardashian couple almost ruined the reputation of the star family

Each of us has a period in life or a personal feature that we would like to hide from prying eyes and make public. Especially when you’re part of a famous family whose reputation and influence can turn the world around. The Kardashian family, although it looks perfect, in reality, it is not. They also have skeletons that they wanted to keep silent about, but failed.

Kanye West died?

Kanye is not only the ex-husband of Kim Kardashian but also a famous rapper with his own audience of millions and a great influence in the world of music. Therefore, when the news of his secret hospitalization spread around the world in 2016, everyone was scared. Moreover, he was accompanied by the police, and he himself was bound and handcuffed.

Then the marriage was already bursting at the seams, and Kanye had a little “flask whistling”. He began to sleep very little, lost his memory, and confused thoughts and words. All of this was, as we already know, bipolar personality disorder, which was a significant factor in breaking up with Kim.

Bruce is transgender

Bruce Jenner looked like a real man: tall, tall, handsome, strong, a real Olympian! But it turns out that his “transition” was a very long-standing desire that everyone tried to hide, and he in particular. According to Chris, in the 1990s everything was still normal. However, Bruce (Kate) himself later began to say that even in the 1980s he was on hormones before meeting Chris. And therefore, his desire was not spontaneous but thought out many decades before coming out.

It was his desire to change sex that led to a divorce from Kris Jenner. As we have already said, the Kardashian couple itself determines the trends of the world, and when one of the most famous husbands suddenly became a woman in 2015, the world realized that transgender people are already our reality. Bruce described his transition to Kate in a book and a dozen documentaries, where he also went through his ex-wife.

Chloe and the problems with Odon

Chloe and Lamar’s marriage was only perfect on the outside. In fact, their problems were very serious, and the case could even end in murder. They lived for 5 years and only in 2014 she confessed everything.

She knew that Lamar regularly slept with others. Once she even lied that she celebrated her birthday with him while he was filming another girl, leaving Chloe alone. Later, he admitted that he regrets everything, and the world also learned about his drug addiction, which appeared due to parties. In 2015, he left another brothel in an ambulance. Not such an ideal relationship, right?

Alcoholism and Sadism by Scott Disick

Scott and Kourtney never got married, although they had three children together! Everything becomes clear after getting to know him better. When money drove him crazy, he became aggressive and wild.

First, he stuffed $ 100 into the mouth of a waiter, then beat up a police officer who stopped him for speeding, paying $ 3,000 for injuries on the spot. The point was Courtney’s fear after 2017, when Scott, after going through rehab, returned to the bottle and began to actively walk “to the left” with several girls. As a result, they dispersed, and the journalists did not understand why she hid it for so long and shielded the bastard.

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