“Not everything is lost”: This man with a strong willpower managed to lose 440 lbs of weight

His life has changed for the better

Casey, an American, lost 200 kilograms with the help of a famous TV show. However, the lucky man faced a new difficult situation. After losing weight, Casey was taken aback by his reflection in the mirror. Clearly, Casey had aged. Due to the substantial weight loss, his wrinkles became more visible, and his skin had sagged.

Despite the new challenges, Casey is happy that he managed to get in shape. The young man won’t stop there. “He will undergo plastic surgery and will be as good as ever.’

‘Why did you make yourself look like this?’ ‘Very well done.’ ‘You did great.’

‘You should have stopped earlier and not made yourself look like this.’ ‘Casey, you’re a hero.’ ‘I hope I can lose weight too.’

‘Looking at you, I understand that not everything is lost,’ wrote internet users in the comments under Casey’s photo.”

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