“Not hips, but a work of art”: Kim Kardashian in an unusual outfit left no room for fantasy (video)

A bright star has always been able to attract the attention of the public. It seems that Kim is not going to grow up. Despite the fact that she is already 40 years old, she still loves to show off her alluring figure.

The forms of this celebrity can only be envied: a slender girl with tonic legs and beautiful hips simply cannot but attract attention. The only thing left for fans is to shower Kim with pleasant compliments under any of her photos.



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The next photo shoot of the star was no exception. Kardashian scored a huge number of likes and comments because such an image clearly attracted the attention of her subscribers.

Many of them left their pleasant comments under the picture, stating that they had never seen more beautiful women.

Do you like Kim’s new look? We are interested in your opinion, so write your answers in the comments!

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