“Not Obsessed With Fashion And Diets.” What The Daughters Of Sarah Jessica Parker Look Like

Sarah Jessica Parker, who starred in Sex and the City, is regarded as one of Hollywood’s most fashionable actresses. She is impossible to mix up with anyone. Sarah seldom leaves the house with kids, so seeing her twin daughters is a huge accomplishment. But on September 28, the actress and her kids attended the premiere of the follow-up to Hocus Pocus, in which she starred. The general public got a rare chance to observe the development and transformation of the twins Marion and Tabitha.

The girls are already 13 years old; they were born on June 22, 2009. They appear to be quite mature in the picture from the Hocus Pocus 2 premiere, and they are now the same height as their mother. But they are very unlike. Like her mother, Marion has blue eyes and lighter hair. However, she still resembles her father, actor Matthew Broderick, more in terms of facial characteristics. When they are standing side by side and making identical facial expressions in certain frames, this is extremely obvious. Tabitha, who has brown eyes, resembles her dad when he was young.

Sarah selected a fashionable lavender-colored Armani suit for the occasion. Pajama pants and an oriental-style jacket with a flowery design made up the outfit. Tabitha dressed more subtly in a black dress with trendy long sleeves that entirely conceal the arms and hands while Marion chose an off-the-shoulder iridescent cocktail dress. Teenagers, for the most part, do not go on strict diets or become fashion-obsessed.

While they are sometimes referred to as twins, girls really look extremely different from one another, albeit this was less obvious when they were little. A surrogate mother gave birth to Sarah Jessica Parker’s children Marion and Tabitha. James, the kids’ 20-year-old elder brother, who resembles a mother more, is the girls’ older sibling. At the height of her career, the actress gave birth to him at age 37, yet she devoted herself entirely to motherhood. One of the reasons Sex and the City came to an end was because of raising a child. Parker was unable to focus solely on film after the birth of her baby. But after a while, Sarah had another desire to have children. She chose to undergo IVF and surrogacy after trying unsuccessfully to conceive naturally.

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