“Not Puffy Anymore, I’m Attractive!” Madonna Showed Her Face After Plastic Surgery

“She doesn’t look like herself anymore.”

During the Grammy Awards, the star, 64, raised a fuss. Several people looked at the singer’s face as she entered the stage because it got smoother and her lips and cheeks altered considerably. Madonna was thought to be plastic by fans. After two weeks, the popular song “Frozen” provided clarification.

Madonna acknowledged visiting a plastic surgeon. She said she was happy with how the makeover turned out. Madonna said, “See how gorgeous I am now that the postoperative swelling has gone down.”
The mother of six children displayed a close-up of her face but did not elaborate on the procedure she had or when it occurred. The actress had on torn jeans, a gray sweater, and a baseball cap to give off a laid-back vibe. Both in the studio and the automobile, Madonna was the star. A Chicago-based plastic surgeon thinks the celebrity gave herself a facelift. Michael Horn noted indications of fillers and rhinoplasty on Madonna’s face.
The actress’s fans are gushing over the news of her metamorphosis. She still has an extraterrestrial appearance, despite comments to the contrary. She doesn’t look like herself anymore,” “You don’t need such procedures,” and “Natural wrinkles on her face would look better,” were comments made by people.

Madonna thinks that poor camera angles at the Grammys disfigured her face. The actor who played the part in the movie “Best Friend” referred to the criticism of her as “ageism and misogyny.”
The celebrity talked openly about her experience with having six kids. The native of Michigan acknowledged that she was a strict parent. The artist is happy with how her kids have turned out.

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