Not so lovely: here are 7 world-famous women who were bullied as children

These seven famous women were bullied for their “imperfect” appearances. 

Today, these world-famous women are regarded as icons of beauty and femininity, but when they were children or adolescents, they were subjected to bullying and suffered from many complexes about their “imperfect” appearance and uniqueness. They were once dubbed “ugly ducklings,” but now millions regard them as idols. 

Some of them were dubbed “ugly ducklings” because they overcame criticism and gained confidence. However, some people continue to struggle with their complexes and insecurities. 

Uma Thurman

Turman had a difficult time because of her height of 183 centimeters and her shoe size of 42. The cult member admitted to being bullied because of her outlandish appearance. She was constantly bullied by classmates and friends, and she is still trying to overcome her complexes and stop hating her own body, her. Uma adds that she still can’t believe it when someone compliments her. 

Julia Roberts

Although People magazine named Roberts the most beautiful and charming woman on the planet, she also struggled with complexes and was bullied by her classmates. Because of its large mouth, it was once known as “the frog.” 

Karmen Del

This phenomenal beauty, who is now known all over the world for her longest career, was once thought to be ugly and unattractive. She claims that she has always been the tallest and thinnest person in every company.

Kate Winslet

Winslet once admitted that she was bullied by all of her classmates and peers when she was a child. People doubted that she would ever be able to realize her long-held ambition of becoming an actress. 

Nicole Kidman

Nicole faced difficulties and complexes as a result of her unusual appearance. She was chastised for her thinness, blemished skin, and short stature. 

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga’s mother, Stephanie Joan Angelina, was bullied as a child. Gaga admitted to having a large nose, dark curly hair, and being overweight. This was more than enough for her classmates to mock her. 

Kate Middleton

Middleton too had to deal with a lot because of her appearance. Her classmates thought she was ugly and constantly made fun of her.According to her, at the time in her school, high school boys rated the appearance of girls on a scale of 0 to 10, which was completely incorrect and unfair to them. Did they realize they were mocking the future duchess?

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