Noticing the pregnant cat a kind volunteer immediately took her to the shelter so that she could give birth in a safe place

When Sophie, the rescuer, came to the aid, the gray cat was wandering the streets.

After a short while, she saw the cat’s round tummy and was suspicious that the animal may be pregnant.

The cat relaxed into her comfy new quarters at the shelter right away after being relocated there.

Three other kittens were born after a few days.

Thankfully, the mother cat will not have to care for the kittens outside for even a single day and may do so in a secure environment.

She first struggled with confusion and didn’t sure what to do, so the helpful volunteer jumped in to assist her.

They arrived at their foster home the following day, and after a few days, the kitten developed into a loving mother who could care for her young.

The mother cat could already breathe easily because the kittens were expanding exponentially each hour.

Simply said, their personalities came through.

It didn’t take them long to begin investigating their surroundings.

The trio is content and loving every bit of life, and they will soon be moving into their new, forever residences.

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