Olympic gold medalists delighted everyone with their dance

Words cannot describe the beauty of this performance!

A lot of people consider figure skating the easiest way to get numerous bruises and injuries. However, Torvill and Dean are here to prove them wrong.

Ice is the last place people expect to see 60-year-old couples. But for Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean it was a means to remember their glorious youth.

Around 40 years ago, Torvill and Dean won Olympic gold medals with 12 perfect scores. The duo holds the highest scores in figure skating of all time.

Their surprise performance was held on the British reality show “Dancing on Ice”. In fact, Jayne and Christopher were the judges of the show. And they decided to surprise the audience with a one last performance.

“Do we feel 35 years old inside? Absolutely yes! Now, every time we perform a dance, we doubt if that’s our last dance or not. Each time we skate it feels like a little bonus to our lives. It’s so nostalgic!”, said Christopher.

You can feel the emotions even by watching their performance in a video. The audience started applauding when the duo was skating to the center of the ice floor.

They looked so young while performing their beautiful dance! Words cannot describe the beauty of this performance.

Watch the video yourself and share your opinion on their performance!

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