On his 19th birthday, the rescue center’s oldest cat received the nicest surprise

If these kind of individuals hadn’t stepped forward to help Sammy, the course of his narrative would have been different.

The cat’s owners no longer wanted to care for it because it was 19 years old.

The elderly cat was sent to a Cincinnati orphanage. Numerous cats suffered the same fate.

The oldest cat there, Sammy, was actually taken to the shelter a week before his birthday. Sammy was the oldest of all the cats there.

On June 15, Sweet Cat turned 19 years old. That day was also his birthday.

The center’s staff made the decision to make him happy in every way, so they all worked together to give him a fantastic day.

Soon after the cat’s birthday, pictures of it went viral on the Internet, and the team also shared a statement stating that their cherished cat had only one wish: to find a home. A true miracle then transpired.

His new owners were there waiting for the adorable kitty the very following day.

The staff at the shelter informed them that Sammy is extremely kind and loves to give people hugs.

The staff will undoubtedly sing again for Sammy on his 20th birthday.

We are so happy for you, kitty, God bless you.

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