On his way to the show, Tyler noticed a kitten, who was in a terrible condition and that day changed his life forever…

On his way to his gig, Tyler Wood was traveling when he unexpectedly spotted a cat standing in the middle of the street.

Nobody was present, neither humans nor other cats. The young child searched for food but came up empty-handed.

Tyler was unable to leave him in that state after seeing his state. He applied the brakes so that he could pull the cat out of the oncoming traffic.

It was simply skin and bones since the kitten was so skinny. He had a foul odor and was coated in grime.

In order to notify his lover about his new pet, Tyler made the decision to give her a call. The cat’s name was Kevin.

The kitty fell head over heels in love with his savior right away and never left his side.

He was overjoyed that someone had finally seen him and had come to assist.

The cat was then taken by the couple to the vet, where he received the required medical attention.

Tyler held Kevin close to him the entire time. He appeared to be really happy.

The cat relocated to his forever home and proceeded to recuperate over the following few weeks.

The couple took him in and provided him with a peaceful place to live.

Kevin became more dependent on cuddles and was frequently seen in the arms of his loved ones. When he was like that, he felt incredibly secure.

Kevin, who is also exceedingly amiable, may be described as a professional lap cat.

Now that he has everything he needs, he feels like the happiest cat in the entire world.

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