On the side of the road, three boys discovered a hurt dog and asked for help. Thankfully, the animal was saved

When three young men began to ride bicycles around Acadia, they had no idea that they would soon become beloved figures in the community. 

The lads decided to investigate after spotting something odd in the grass. A dog was discovered by the side of the road, motionless. The injured dog writhed in agony and did not even flinch when the boys came up to her. 

The boys made the decision to lend a hand without holding back because every second was crucial. Haseiya Animal Rescue was contacted. Rescue personnel was at the scene quickly.

The boys relocated the unfortunate dog to a more tranquil location before the rescue team showed around. 

The dog hoped that the lads would aid him as he gazed at them with helpless eyes. He was taken to a shelter, where it was discovered that the dog had been struck by a car. Both the animal’s hip and leg were fractured. He may have spent some time in the grass where he had to hardly crawl, but the guys managed to locate him in time. 

Wade was given that moniker by the shelter workers. They learned a week later that the dog has a family, and they are trying to find him.

The family of the dog expressed their appreciation for preserving their cherished pet. The dog’s real name was Taz. He was glad to see his cherished family again.

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