Online criticism followed a recent cosmetic procedure on 59-year-old Demi Moore

American supermodel Demi Moore attended the fashion show in France wearing a rhinestone-adorned ensemble from the prestigious fashion house Fendi. However, this time the crowd focused on the former model rather than her attire.

Many people are certain that the celebrity utilized cosmetic surgery once more. The skin around the mouth’s corners and the cheekbones are visibly stretched, making it clear that recent surgery was performed.

Fans of the actress instantly contacted her, but they did not do so with words of praise but rather with criticism. The former Demi, whom they preferred considerably more, was requested to be brought back to them.

The internet users commented, “Well, why to torment yourself like that?”, “It used to be great.”

Remember how a lady stunned her admirers last year by turning up at a fashion show following cosmetic surgery?

For a very long time, the public has been debating a celebrity’s look, and nothing has improved.

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