Only the boy was taken from the maternity hospital by the mother. Daughter is unnecessary – she’s ugly!

Katya appears to be a typical expecting mother. She was expecting children, concerned about them, and questioned the physicians – everything was the same as everyone else’s. She went to the hospital ahead of time because she was expecting twins, and the doctors chose to be cautious and put her under surveillance.

Her contractions started at night, and Katya was utterly unable to bear them, putting the entire maternity hospital on her ears. They didn’t even see such individuals, so the first baby was delivered at five o’clock in the morning – a healthy boy. The second child was born around 5:15 p.m.

Except for a big black birthmark on the baby’s face, both youngsters were totally healthy.

The young mother was the first to pick up her daughter, then wrinkled her nose in distaste and passed her over to the midwife. Then she took the boy, gently inspected him, and cuddled him.

We exchanged glances but said nothing. Strange behavior, to be sure, but oh well. Only in the morning did it become clear that it was not alright – Katya wrote a refusal from her daughter:

“First, their father abandoned me and two children, and it will be very costly and difficult. Second, what should I do with a girl like this? They will point a finger at her if there is still a male, else it is a horrible disgrace. At the same moment, in me.”

To say we were surprised is an understatement. And they convinced and explained that while this birthmark is simple to erase, it is completely pointless. This strain was most likely simply an excuse to abandon one of the children.

The next day, a young man arrived at the hospital with his girlfriend. As it turned out, he was the baby’s uncle.

They opted to take her away rather than leave her inside the state’s borders. Of course, the boys had to collect a lot of papers, but they did it – and the baby went to her own family.

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