Oprah Winfrey Announces Knee Surgery on Both Knees

Oprah Winfrey disclosed that in 2021, she had not one, but two knee surgeries. The subject of appreciation came up in a conversation that she had in her The Life You Want class. Winfrey made the decision to share her experience when one of the attendees said they valued every organ and limb. 

She explained via Zoom from her house, “I underwent double knee surgery last year.” “I underwent knee surgery in August, followed by another procedure in November. I could not even elevate my leg when I first returned home. I swore to make the most of movement, exercise, and being fully in my body if I could ever get up, walk around, and move again. I was unable to elevate my heel off of the bed. 

The 68-year-old media mogul revealed that she took up hiking as part of her healing process. 

She said, “I started trekking when I was recovering. “I tried to hike farther and accomplish more each day. My respect for each organ and limb has increased significantly. You are bringing it up really made it sink in for me. 

Winfrey’s commitment to hiking was recently highlighted in a popular TikTok.It was found that she deceived the group, which included Gayle King and Ava DuVernay, in a video shot by her director of social media, Joseph Zambrano. 


@jznotthatjayz I’m never going on a hike with Oprah ever again #fyp #oprah ♬ original sound – jznotthatjayz

What does it mean to get catfished at an event? At the start of the video, Zambrano said. “You know, I believe that when someone says, “Let’s go for a hike,” they should be truthful. According to [Winfrey], it took five to seven minutes. Five to seven kilometers have passed.” 

We’ve been on this hike for hours, Zambrano quips as the camera pans to his attire. He displays King’s sweat-soaked sundress in another scene in the video. 

In the video, Winfrey makes an appearance and claims they actually hiked for 50 minutes, only spending “five to seven minutes up this hill.” 

Winfrey tells the group, “You have no more than, I promise, seven minutes of steady climb,” near the end of the film, demonstrating to her guests that she was honest about the hike.

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