Optical Illusion: Find the snake hidden in the picture within 15 seconds

Today’s photograph is an intriguing one of a park filled with lovely flowers and trees. A jogging track can also be seen in the image, but watch out—a snake is tucked away behind the trees. Here is a task that you have 15 seconds to complete. If you can find the hidden snake in the image within that time, you will win. Try to discover it on your own; it will sharpen your focus and enhance your observational abilities.

Tests of our brain’s capabilities sometimes involve optical illusions. A sort of illusion known as an optical illusion prevents us from understanding the picture or image that we have just seen with our eyes. This optical illusion challenge is about to begin.

Are you ready for this challenge? 

Your fifteen seconds have begun.

Have you seen the snake anywhere?

Here is a hint that should make it easier for you to locate it.

Hint: The snake is seen on the upper side of the picture.

Stop! Time is up.

Congratulations to the person who correctly identified the snake in this image; you have won the optical illusion IQ test. Those who are still looking for it might look at the snake in the region of the photo below that has been highlighted.

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