Optical Illusion Test: Find the tomato from the picture in 8 seconds

The attractive image of several flower pots is the subject of today’s optical illusion brain IQ test. In this new optical illusion brain test, you have 10 seconds to find the hidden tomato between them. If you can accomplish it in that time, you win. By routinely accepting such activities, our brain begins to function more swiftly since we require focus to solve these obstacles.

Optical illusions are incredibly intriguing and pleasurable exercises that improve our concentration levels and keep our minds sharp. Look at the image carefully before beginning this challenge because you only have 8 seconds to discover the tomato hiding there.

Are you ready for this challenge? 

Then let’s get going.

Your eight seconds have begun.

Have you seen the tomato anywhere?

Stop! The time is up for you.

Cheers to whoever found the tomato that was concealed. Don’t give up if you can’t find it yet; it could be in the area that has been indicated in the image.

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