“Ordinary grandfather!”: Paparazzi caught 73-year-old Richard Gere on vacation with his wife

He is now 73 years old, he was once a favorite among women.

Actor Richard Gere, who is well-known in Hollywood, has starred in a number of films that have become cult favorites. His admirers have long held him up as an example of beauty and manhood, and his charisma has captured the hearts of countless women.

Although being 73 years old, he used to be a woman’s favorite.

Yet, Gere’s look has altered throughout time. He used to be a fit and beautiful man, but now he has wrinkles, gray hair, and a beer belly. It is hard to identify him as the former Hollywood sex icon since he has transformed into an ordinary grandfather.

Gere has calmly and gracefully accepted aging in spite of these changes.

He has no obsession with looking young and no desire for cosmetic procedures or plastic surgery. He is happy to live life with his lovely young wife.

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