“Ordinary Grandfather”: Paparazzi Spotted 73-year-old Richard Gere on Vacation With His Young Wife!

He doesn’t need cosmetic and plastic injections.

One of the most well-known actors in Hollywood is Richard Gere. He has several works in Hollywood movies that have gained cult status. Gere has always been regarded by fans as the epitome of masculinity and attractiveness. The charming performer captured the hearts of numerous ladies. The beloved actor is currently 73 years old.

Gere is no longer the same attractive, fit man. He had a beer belly, gray hair, and wrinkles. The actor is now just a regular granddad. It’s difficult to identify the former Hollywood sex icon today.

Richard Gere has quietly come to terms with being older. He is not after young people. He doesn’t require cosmetic and plastic injections. The 73-year-old actor is now content to live life with his lovely young bride.

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