Ordinary kittens? No matter how! Seeing the photo, the volunteer almost sat down past the chair… (video)

There are only 35 of them left on Earth!

Recently, a Scot went for a walk in the woods. A man was enjoying nature when he suddenly noticed that he was … being watched! Two pairs of watchful eyes glowed in the undergrowth…

They turned out to be quite small kittens, but why were they sitting alone in the forest, without a mother? The walker realized that these savages would not let him get close to him – at the first movement in their direction, the little ones backed up inaudibly and hid in the grass.

The habits of the babies, their silent grace, and wild green eyes suggested to the person that the animals should be reported to animal rights activists. He managed to take a couple of photos, which he sent to the local environmental organization.

“I almost sat down past the chair when I saw these kittens! says Paul O’Donoghue of Roybridge, chief scientist at Wildcat Haven, excitedly. –  After all, there are no more than 35 individuals of these animals left in the world! The color of these babies gives out the purest kittens of a wild Scottish cat, which lives only with us in Scotland. Mothers usually never abandon their cubs – and then suddenly there are two orphans at once! Something happened to this family, not otherwise…”

This subspecies of the European wild cat is under protection. Specialists are doing their best to prevent the crossing of wild individuals with pets and urge people to report any encounters with rare animals to environmental organizations.

This is what an adult animal of this species looks like:

“When they get to the zoo, they never come back…”

And what about our kids? People set up surveillance for them, but during the day the mother cat did not return. Meanwhile, the kittens were getting weaker and needed help! Then the volunteers took the kids away but left surveillance cameras in the forest in case the parent showed up later.

“On the first day, we had two weak, frightened animals in our hands, ” says Paul. “ But the very next day we saw two furious balls of fur fighting for the right to be free. They completely changed and became wild, hissing and growling, showing all the explosive aggression characteristic of their species.”

Unfortunately, the forest cameras did not show any traces of an adult Scottish cat. Then two children were placed in a natural reserve specially created for them, where they can grow up in natural conditions and become real wild cats. After all, these children makeup 6% of the entire population – and therefore are very dear to humanity!

For the mission of saving endangered cats, volunteers have fenced off a large area of ​​the forest, where the animals are monitored around the clock.

In the video below, you can see the kittens eating their first real game meal!

Now, these kids are safe – as soon as they grow up, they will be released into the forest, into the wild. Rescuers of kittens decided that it would be much better than life in the zoo – from where they never come back …

Rais cats, and let your own children soon decorate this world!


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