Orphaned kitty looked around in fear

A frightened, thin and hungry baby was left without a mother early. She was all alone in difficult conditions, and there was nothing she could do. She did not even know where to go, and only looked around in fear.

A tiny gray cat was found on the streets of Arlington, a region in the USA. Like many animals here, the baby was left on the street to her fate, having lost her mother in harsh conditions. Frightened, thin, and hungry, she looked around in fear and did not even know where to go.

People noticed her in time and decided to help the baby. She found herself in the good hands of AWLA’s shelter staff, where a volunteer named Penny began looking after her. The cat was fed every day by the hour, given medicines, and tried to quickly restore her condition.

Veterinarians determined that the kitty was about three weeks old, but she weighed like a week-old kitten. Her fur might make her look plump, but when you pick her up, you can feel her thin sides. She later received the name Cruz.

Despite her underweight and weak condition, Cruz was determined to recover. She turned out to be very vociferous, and never hesitated to loudly ask for something – food or affection. Two days later, the cat noticeably perked up.

At the same time, the guardian took in two more rescued kittens, who were also orphaned and needed help. They immediately hit it off with Cruz, as if they had always been related. The kitty was a little older and always hugged the kids, falling asleep next to them.

Next to the kittens, Cruz blossomed – she stopped squeaking a lot and took care of her older sister. Although she is a week older than the “brothers”, they were about the same size due to the fact that the baby was still lagging behind in development.

But nothing prevents Cruz from continuing to take care of his brothers. They always love her back and the whole gang falls asleep together. When these beauties grow up, they will find permanent owners for all of them!

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